The Douglians Music Project (DMP) entails Hard Rocking Acid Blues Funk with a tinge of Gospel.

Imagine Sly and Robbie on drums, Bill Preston on Hammond B3, The J.B’s Horn section and the I3s backup singing. Finish the band off with Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters on Guitars.

I call this Acid Blues, but it’s also funk rock reggae fusion jazz and heavy metal consciousness music for these times of resistance.
Now here is the PLAN:

1. Find the band in your local area that fits this bill, or identify local musicians and put the local project together.
2. Explain the vision that I will share with you related to the themes to be covered in the three-song set that you will manage and produce.
3. Find two local academic historians in your community. One specializing in all forms of music from 1800 through today. These individuals will provide support with the subject matter and with tying the project to the broader community.
4. Find a local fashion designer to create the wardrobe and support the project, or arrange to use my designer.
5. Produce and rehearse the 3 songs selected and be ready to do a Funk Mob Live and in costume.

You can manage the project with my direction, or you can designate someone that you know will follow through with the five steps.

That’s it! If you are interested I will share more information with you. I hope you are down with the Douglian Movement!

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